Kabe from first to 2012

November 2, 2008 at 9:08 am (Civil eng., Share) (, , , , )

Undoubtedly Kabe, Mecca (Mekka) is the most famous building in the Islam.

For description and large size of pictures (also you can click on thumbnails) read the rest of entry below:

Kabe in first of creation of the world.

First Kabe, when Ebrahim the prophet makes it.

A drawing of Kabe in 1721

Kabe in 1850

Kabe in 1880

Flood in Kabe in 1941

Kabe in 1951

Kabe in 1960

1203×791 – Kabe in 2008

Kabe in 2008

1203×671 – Kabe in 2012
This picture reminds me some scenes of Lord of The Rings movie.



  1. zizi.. said,

    co0l… but kind of scary.. a lil bit !!!

  2. ali nazari said,

    سلام من علي هستم
    اين پروژه بسيار عالي است
    به اميد موفقيت
    خدا نگهدار

  3. abbas said,

    amazin picks love them

  4. yeasmin said,


  5. yeasmin said,

    i love this

  6. Uzma Farheen said,

    this is just amazing & we request you to please upload these kind of pics & promote so that the people could see them………

  7. Amir Shaikh said,

    Masaha allah………..

  8. Naeemshaikh said,

    Subhan allha.:;,….

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